I’ve made a huge decision.

Well, not huge but still major:

I’m resigning as being the head of Christian Education.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m just so emotionally drained and tired of these people. It’s only about 12 people who are being little shits, but 12 people out of 30 odd regulars is a good percentage. And I’m just tired of them. They don’t respect me, they don’t take me seriously. Anything I plan they don’t support. They don’t tell me if it’s at an inconvienient time or if they don’t like the idea when I ask them during the planning stage. And I find it bloody rich that they complain about and don’t support the damn things they wanted me to start in the first place. This is the behaviour that makes people NOT want to attend church.

I’m a human a being. I deserve to be treated like one.

And I’m honestly this close to just flat out stop going for a while. This church is causing me too much stress and it’s just not healthy.

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